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phyllo pastry dessert recipes, gluten free dessert recipes, yummy desserts recipes - Nothing is better than a traditional homemade South African dessert to end off your meal. Here at we have put together a short list of our favourites.

Genoeg vir 10-12 mense Bereidingstyd: 20 minute Gaarmaaktyd: 15 minute Afkoeltyd: oornag  250 g...

Caramel Milk Tart - a South African recipe. I love milk tart!

My most searched recipe and most requested by friends and family! South Africa... Crunchies were my favorite “biscuit”—the South African term for cookie

Crunchies - Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Crunchies — Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars (one of my favourites growing up!


The Best Durban Mutton Curry Recipe Ever! Durban is infamous for it's curry and aromatic spices.

Amarula Malva Pudding baked in a potjie pot - I finally found a purpose for our tiny potjie pot - YAY!!

Blits pudding Oond 180 gr C. Maak die deeg in die bak aan waarin jy die poeding gaan bak, bak moet omtrent inhouds mate van 2 L hê. Meng 1 E sagte margarine, 1 k appelkoos konfyt, 1 t koeksoda, 6 E hoogvol bruis.

Milk tart pancakes - Cinnamon sugar pancakes with a creamy milk tart filling

South Africa: Pannekoeke South Africans also enjoy crepe-like pancakes. This recipe, takes a twist on the traditional crepe by using the filling of another traditional South African recipe, Milk Tart—the cinnamon custard with a spiced crumble


Yoghurt/Buttermilk Seed Rusks

Banging rusks which I'm going to adjust to make gaps rusks :)

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