Karin Diedericks

Karin Diedericks

Karin Diedericks
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5 pots one base.....good way to use up all those cheep green plastic ones my bought plants came in....

Stackable planter idea - use square or rectangle pots for a more contemporary look and plant strawberries.

Mama and Baby Okapi

The Chicago Zoological Society, which mangaes the Brookfield Zoo, is pleased to announce the birth of a rare hoofed mammal called an Okapi. These are rare animal by the name of okipa They can be found in the Chicago zoo.

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Post with 39272 votes and 508279 views. Shared by IPegOnTheFirstDate. 13 of the most difficult documentaries to watch

An Orphaned Lion Cub and Caracal Kittens: "Becoming Friends." At The Pumba Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

I ❤ big cat cubs . Sheba, a lion cub, cuddles up with caracal kittens Jack…

Mountain Lion

This is Kiowa, a mountain lion (felis concolor) that came to the Wildlife Waystation (Dave Welling's photo