The phytochemicals in garlic may lower cholesterol, and they're a simple addition to flavor any meal. Phytochemicals help protect against disease and have been shown to boost immunity. Get your daily fix of garlic with this delicious (and inexpensive) garlic chicken dinner.

Recipes That Help Lower Cholesterol

Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. Not sure how to season a roasted chicken? Try this recipe, which uses whole garlic gloves, sweet onions, and fresh rosemary.

Beskuit met kersies

All Bran-beskuit met kersies ■ 500 g sagte botter (of margarien) ■ ml bruinsuiker . ■ 2 eiers ■ 1 kg bruismeel ■ 250 g A.

I love rusks, but after you have made them a few times and realise how much sugar and fat go into them, you feel more and more guilty abou...

Low sugar high fibre rusk recipe - will replace the non-nutritive sweetener.

All Bran Rusks Recipe

All Bran Beskuit (Rusks) using Kellogs All bran and buttermilk. I grew up with these rusks and their delish!


Dié lae-GI-beskuit word gemaak soos biscotti en is ideaal vir diabete. Onthou net, dis nie so bros soos gewone beskuit nie en moet goed geweek word in jou koffie of tee.

These crunchy rusks are a great healthier option of your favourite tea-time treat.

If you love rusks but you& trying to limit your sugar intake you have to give this delicious recipe a go!