red brick and steel precedent

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an architectural drawing shows the ground plan for a building
Gallery of hk+b Architecture Designs Winning Competition Entry for Tunisian Office Building - 7
an open air building with three triangular shaped windows on the front and back of it
Reverse Glass and Concrete Home of Stockholm | Inthralld
an empty street in front of a brick building with metal structures on the sides and windows
brick entrance
the terminal at an airport is empty and ready for passengers to board or take off
Vienna Airpors new terminal building uses a 40mm rodeca system for walls with prints and vinyl graphics
a large building that is next to a sidewalk
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The glowing structure above is the Polideportivo in San Indioteria – a pair of sports courts within a polycarbonate shell designed by Jordi Herrero and Sebastian Escanellas.
a white building sitting on the side of a road next to a street light at night
Formula One apprentices give Rodeca cladding a podium finish
Backlit translucent polycarbonate cladding by Rodeca has provided a beacon of light for apprenticeship training.
an empty parking lot with stairs leading up to the top floor and bottom half of the building
Ecole ITP / A229
stairs outside architecture archdaily
a brick building with an open door on the side
brick entrance
a brick building with an open door on the side
brick entrance