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a wall with holes in it that are on the side of a building or something
Trendspaning – Terrazzo i badrum - Badrumsdrömmar
Trendspaning - Terrazzo i badrum | Badrumsdrömmar
an image of a modern house in the middle of the day with text overlaying it
The Invermark House In Cape Town Has Been Given A Fresh Update By SAOTA
This modern house, originally built in 1969, was given a fresh update. #ModernHouse #Landscaping #ModernArchitecture #SwimmingPool
an abstract pattern made up of circles and dots on a white surface with water droplets
Berching | Neumarkt: Startseite
Kühnlein architecture: concrete design
the building is made out of concrete and has vertical slats on it's sides
Sensacional, cuadrada y Minimalista - Mundo Fachadas
clyfford still museum
the wall is made of concrete and has holes in it
Luigi Moretti, Casa 'il Girasole', Rome, 1949 (west side, detail)
an orange and white cat sitting on top of a wooden floor
Photos, Cut-outs, 3D people, Textures and other visualization resources
Stone fasade texture by Gobotree
the corner of a building with white paint on it's exterior and side wall
concrete texture |Shared by Sparano + Mooney Architecture|
a concrete structure with plants growing on the roof and side walls that are lit up at night
Résidence d’artiste au Chili - Journal du Design
Le Chili, ses côtes et sa nature sont un parfait écrin pour cette magnifique construction à la fois atelier de peintre et maison. Les trois architectes Fel
an open window on the side of a concrete building
Window Style Ideas - Narrow Vertical Windows
Window Style Ideas - Narrow Vertical Windows // This super narrow window lets just a sliver of light pass through to create a unique look on the exterior of this concrete home.
the entrance to a concrete building with an open door and brick walkway leading into it
Error - Simplify your life
Entry - concrete and corten. Builder : Ross Catoi, Full Circle Constructions
the interior of a modern house with concrete walls and plants on the planter boxes
otis & frank
nico schaerer photography
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a house with trees in it
Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects, Hannes Henz · New Concrete House in Brissago
A simply cut monolith in washed concrete, which is docked directly to the road, rises from the natural topography of the slope. Two cars are parked almost directly on the roof. The visitor is guided down along a linear alleyway to the entrance door...
two cars are parked in front of a concrete building that has been designed to look like a house
a concrete house with two garage doors on the side
Galería de Casa Carrara / Studio [+] Valéria Gontijo - 1
Casa Carrara,© manufatura creative