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a drawing of a woman's face and neck with newspaper pages in the background
BEING by loui jover
(CreativeWork) BEING by loui jover. drawing. Shop online at Bluethumb.
a black and white drawing of a woman's head with an afro hairstyle
Boris Schmitz Portfolio: Bild
Boris Schmitz Portfolio : Foto
a drawing of a woman's face with tears on her cheek and eyes closed
Bedazzling And Beautiful World Of Black And White Art - Bored Art
shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponWe know colors are here to stay whether it is in photography or television or even body arts like tattoos, but one cannot deny the intense classic appeal of black and white. There is something so touchingly evocative and striking about black and white that one cannot ignore it even if one wants to. We can’t really say why this is so, though we are sure that each of you out there has their own reasons for liking black and white as do we, bu...
ode to heart by Loui Jover Journal D'art, L'art Du Portrait, Pics Art
ode to heart by Loui Jover
art Painting & Drawing, Old Posters, Desenho Tattoo, Amazing Art, Saatchi Art