Only in South Africa

Road signs house - in South Africa. now thats living green!

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You know you're South African when. Ja no defin(a)tely. Enjoy the Shit South Africans Say!

Only in South Africa...

"A very playful baby white rhinoceros calf having fun with the wildlife. The ostriches and warthogs didn't enjoy the game as much as the mischievous little rhino". Photograph by Martin Heigan.

Only in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa) - ODDEE

Only in Africa

11 pictures of this things that can only happen in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa)

Brakpan se GPS.  #Afrikaans #snaaks #grappe #humor #brakpan

Brakpan se GPS. #Afrikaans #snaaks #grappe #humor #brakpan