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Remember this important infographic explaining the healthcare-IT mashup. "Health informatics" is the intersection of healthcare, information technology and business.

How Is Information Technology Changing Healthcare? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic: "Health informatics" is the intersection of healthcare, information technology and business. Check out an infographic explaining this healthcare-IT mashup.

Today’s mobile, social and search trends are indicative of the growing role digital connectivity plays in our lives. These three items have a profound impact on how health consumers find you online, research and evaluate treatment options, and take that critical step from being consumers to patients.

How Health Consumers Engage Online Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Health category. Check out How Health Consumers Engage Online now!

Mobile Healthcare Faces The Future [Infographic] #hcsm

Mobile Healthcare Faces The Future [Infographic]

mHealth: Healthcare mobile apps, devices & solutions As we are letting mobile technology embrace every nook and corner of our lives, then why leave our very own health behind?

Infographic: Will Connected Health Save the Healthcare Industry? Important takeaway: The medical device ecosystem is changing dramatically. Staying connected can save time and fees.

Infographic visualization highlights how connected health is transforming the medical device ecosystem to include access and mobility outside the hospital setting.

Where are we now with digital healthcare?

Digital healthcare infographic highlights the time consuming and expensive task of converting paper records to EMRs that is not addressed by Meaningful Use.

The Doctor's Tech Toolbox and the changing state of healthcare in the United States. Technology is advancing -- 79 percent of docs prefer iPads.

The Doctors Tech Toolbox [infographic] ~NHS supply chain & Healthcare Personnel Supplies - high calibre salaried and locum staffing - Doctors, Nurses

santé mobile en Europe #msanté #esanté #mhealth

La santé mobile en Europe

The European Commission launched a new application called which allows devices to monitor and collect data more efficiently. mHealth can be used on mobile devices, "Personal Digital Assistants", smart watches and other body-worn devices or implants.

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