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spiral staircase


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mudroom layout - Google Search
mudroom layout - Google Search

Laundry, MudRoom, Pantry

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Livestock Guardian Dogs

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This is great!  These tips help me for when we go out of town!
The Homestead Guard Donkey - Not only does the article break down the many reasons a guard donkey makes sense it also lists reason why a guard donkey is better than a guard dog, on the homestead. The author goes as far as what come out of the back end of the donkey and how it offers benefits to homestead.

Livestock General Tips

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Houses my wife loves
Tiny house by tlbryant2006 If you like please follow us!

Art Studio - Plan

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How to Set Up a Great Pottery Studio Right at Home! - Spinning Pots


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Deb Robson's Method for Washing Fleeces - GREAT!
How to Wash Wool and Fiber without felting it

Fiber Arts

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Scottish Highland Cattle | A Hardy Breed Worth Raising

Mini Cows

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Have you ever considered adding hair sheep to your homestead?
What are your clipper and blade choices for shearing sheep? If you are new to shearing, you've come to the right place! Let me help you figure out which clippers and which blades to get and the ones to avoid! #familyfarmlivestock #freerange #smallfarm


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Backyard chicken keeping & herb gardening blog by top-selling author Lisa Steele. Raise healthy flocks naturally. Also coop to kitchen™ recipes.
Ducks: Ducks are similar to chickens in their pest control prowess, but because they are not scratchers, many people also allow their ducks into their garden areas as well. Learn more about why you may want ducks in your garden.


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No mess goat feeder


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5 Secrets to Shopping at Produce Auctions and Flower Auctions. • A Day In Our Shoes
Month-to-Month Homesteading To Do Lists
Storey's Guide to Raising Miniature Livestock: Goats, Sheep, Donkeys, Pigs, Horses, Cattle, LlamasUsed Book in Good Condition

General Homesteading Tips

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Livestock Barn

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15 Gorgeous Dream Conservatories & Greenhouses

Solarium / BHGH

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Glamping Wall Tentcountryliving

Glamping Tents

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With this Wooden Egg Holder you will never lose track of your oldest and freshest eggs again
Add a grille to your compatible refrigerator with this 60-inch grille kit. The extra venting adds a distinctive look to your refrigerator.

Outdoor Kitchen/Pantry

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Easy-To-Build Table Saw Blade Rack: Keeping your table saw blades organized can be a headache. Throwing them in a drawer tends to dull the teeth and can cause blades to quickly get buried. Here, John shares a simple storage solution in the form of a wall-rack.

Woodworking/Carpentry Wing

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Except i would want the ratchet and sockets on the bottom

Auto Shop/Mechanics Wing

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Bunkbed room room room room!
Mashup Monday: 27 Inspired Bunkrooms. - Slave to DIY
Bunk Room. Rustic Bunk room with plenty of space for family and guests.


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COOP HEAVEN: Perch Gym, branch perches, wooden chicken perches
DIY Watering Cup Chicken Waterer
Chicken coop design ideas complete with dutch doors, nesting box ideas, a covered chicken run and gorgeous solar lights!

Chicken Coop

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Horse Barn

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