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The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [INFOGRAPHIC] When buzzing phones and overflowing inboxes start to overwhelm, it's easier than you may think to take a break from technology. Read on for our best tips.

Digital health and wellness is being smart when you use technology. There are risks and effects being online to often. So try not to use too much time texting, playing video games, going on facebook, and several other things online.

Funny pictures about How to sit in front of the computer. Oh, and cool pics about How to sit in front of the computer. Also, How to sit in front of the computer.

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e strive to keep our business model sleek with a low overhead and less support staff to provide longer patient appointments and more access to medical providers for our patients

How #SocialMedia is Affecting Our Mental Health - #Infographic

How #SocialMedia Is Affecting Our Mental Health - #Infographic

Are You Ready for Sensors in Healthcare ? [Infographic] Wearables - ingestibles - on device 03/2015

How Innovations Using Sensors Can Disrupt Healthcare (infographic)sensors make sense in healthcare

Eye exams can detect more than just vision problems. Find out what your eyes are saying about your health...

Eye exams can detect more than just vision problems. Find out what your eyes are saying about your health.

The future of smart homes #infographic

Ready for the biggest revolution in homes since running water and electricity? Welcome to the smart homes of tomorrow, where worrying if the stove was left on or the thermostat was set too low becomes a thing of the past.

How Education Will Be Smarter Less Intrusive And Able To Respond To How You FeelImpatience characterizes the technology sectors approach to education. Disruption is taking place in all other sectors of society  so why not education? I know too well whether at Pearson or in the classroom the challenges and frustration of developing and using digital tools that improve outcomes for students. But Im optimistic. We are on the verge of a tide of Read More

How Education Will Be Smarter, Less

Our brains have visual images of concepts that contain thoughts of different things. These visual images come when you see things or imagining situations. These thoughts of a possible course of…

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Living in a digital world can be tough on your eyes. Learn about Computer Vision Syndrome and ways you can take care of your eyes to prevent it. Doesn't matter if you are a teen or #senior these tips can help.

How to maintain healthy eyes in the Digital Age. (Not mentioned in the infographic, but one app that's most helped my own computer-fatigued eyes is Readability.

Medical Futurist - possible future inventions in medicine

The Guide to the Future of Medicine: Technology AND The Human Touch - The Medical Futurist