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flowers are growing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean and cliffs in the distance
a painting with words written on it and stars in the sky
anything — adrianne lenker
two children are sitting under a tree
Artful Seasons on Instagram: "« Lovers in the Grass » Alois Kalvoda (1875–1934) The painting "Lovers in the Grass" by Czech artist Alois Kalvoda presents a romantic scene veiled by the lush foliage of a summer day. The artwork is rich with textures, where the dense greenery nearly swallows the figures, leaving just enough view to tell their intimate story. - Le tableau « Amoureux dans l'herbe » de l'artiste tchèque Alois Kalvoda dépeint une scène romantique enveloppée par le feuillage luxuriant d'un jour d'été. L'œuvre est riche en textures, la verdure dense enveloppant presque entièrement les figures, ne laissant que juste assez de vue pour raconter leur histoire intime. . . . #aloiskalvoda #czechart #romanticart #impressionism #art #love #intimacy #painting #oilpainting #summer #gr
a painting of a woman laying on top of water lillies
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a painting of a woman sitting on the beach with waves crashing in front of her
two people sitting next to each other in front of a window with graffiti on it
It will pass
two statues sitting next to each other in a dark room and one is touching the arm of another statue
stephan sinding (adoration)
a stone statue holding a baby next to a tree