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Jaguar E-Type Eagle Speedster

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It's Official: The Jaguar SVR Is The Fastest F-Type Ever - Maxim

Preise des Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe und Cabrio - Preisliste

Kill a chicken in Zelda...

Skyrim vs Zelda- LOL oh i remember the good old Zelda days getting killed by stupid chickens right those god damned chickens

The Hexagun – Improvised six barreled shotgun seized in Brazil

The Hexagun – Improvised six barreled shotgun seized in Brazil HOLY CRAP!

I found 'Fully Functional Hidden Blade From Assassin's Creed' on Wish, check it out!

Hidden Switch Blade inspired by assassin's creed one of my favourite games. This weapon could be used as another secrete weapon.

whenuseeit - Google Search

Take a look at the red circle. Focus on the red circle. What you are looking for is in the red circle. Don't see anything in the red circle? Look closerOH MY GAWD!

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion. This could come in handy for those up close and personal moments

Only my left hand. Still gotta shake hands with people. Hook their bottom jaw to control their head.