Kabelo Marule

Kabelo Marule

South Africa / Mrs Laugh- A- Lot, pleased to meet you! :)
Kabelo Marule
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True story

i know I’m not easy to love. i’m a chronic over-thinker, i overreact more than I should. and every once in a while, i might be a little insecure. maybe I’m not the best at being loved. but I like to think I’m pretty good at loving - chelsea carroll

Africa | Portrait from Teniri Festival. Ghadames, Libya | © Sasi Harib

Libyan photographer Sasi Harib’s black and white portraits of Tuareg Libyan women at the Teniri Festival in Ghadames, Libya.

Suri woman with triangular lip plate, Kibish Omo Ethiopia

Suri woman with triangular lip plate, Kibish Omo Ethiopia. A Surma / Suri girl will be beautiful if she has a big lip plate, and if her body, is covered of scarifications. They do it with accacia spine and razor blades.

Albino Baby Girl And Her Mwila Mother - Angola

Albino baby girl and her Mumuhuila tribe mother - Angola This woman was in Hale and came to me, showing a blue cap coming out from her clothes. i first did not understood there was a baby under this cap. Then she opened her clothes to let appear this albi

l'Omo photo Hans Silvester

Over a period of 6 years Hans Silvester photographed people of a very remote area in Ethiopia; the wild and unspoiled Omo valley