Kwanzaa Worksheets and Activities

Celebrate Kwanzaa with these fun and educational activities that keep your students engaged!
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an award certificate with the words kwnazaa and a checkered pattern on it
Kwanzaa Acrostic Poem Activity | Printable Writing Worksheet
Practice writing acrostic poems with this free, printable Kwanzaa Acrostic Poem activity for 2nd - 4th grade students. Click here!
kwanza coloring page with candles and other items for the hantzh to read
Kwanzaa Coloring Sheet | Color the Long Vowels Activity
Learn about long vowels as you celebrate Kwanzaa with this free, printable holiday activity worksheet. Click here to get started!
kwana candles who lights first? worksheet with answers and examples for students
Kwanzaa Candles Writing Prompt | Who Lights FIrst?
Write a story about how the Thompson family will decide who gets to light the Kwanzaa candles at the celebration. Click here to get started!
the kwanza word search is shown in red and white checkered paper with green letters
Kwanzaa Word Search Activity | Printable Holiday Worksheet
Can you find the hidden words in this free, printable Kwanzaa Word Search activity? Let's find out! Click here to get started.
the worksheet for an english language lesson with words and pictures to describe them
Principles of Kwanzaa Word Match Activity | Printable Worksheet
What does the Kwanzaa principle, Kujichagulia, mean? Find out with this printable holiday activity! Click here to get started.