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Half cake mandazi
a hand holding a sugared donut in front of other donuts on a plate
Brioche Donuts. Bakery style donuts at home and even better!
I grew up watching my mama make brioche donuts. We knew them as “gogosi”. Of course, the way she made them is not the way this recipe is written. Each time, her cup was a different size coffee mug but like many eastern Europeans women, this is how she makes most of her recipes. Everything I know, I learned from her. Consider this your ultimate, mama approved, expert guide to making brioche donuts! . . . . #recipe #donutrecipe #brioche #baking #cooking #beignets #brioche #recipeoftheday
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Quick way to make sponge cake
Here's a quick way to share a delicious sponge cake today. It's soft, delicate, and bursting with flavor.
Milk Tart Malva Pudding
a plate full of chocolate crumbs sitting on a tablecloth covered table cloth
South African lamingtons (Ystervarkies)
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Best malva pudding ever
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Feather-Light Sponge Cake with Jam & Cream
Feather-Light Sponge Cake with Jam & Cream | Corner Café
Vanilla Cake 🍰🥰
Hot chocolate cake
The best Vanilla Sponge cake
a cake pan sitting on top of an oven rack filled with batter and baking powder
Feather-Light Sponge Cake with Jam & Cream