“Awaiting His Return” by Art-Zealot is a beautiful piece of fan art for Skyward Sword. Fi watches over Link as he enters the silent realm, patiently waiting for

A Sunny Afternoon by yagaminoue -The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Skyloft

I'm really excited for the new Zelda coming out this year, so I painted what I imagine the Forest Temple level might look like in the game Also doing a . Forest Temple - Zelda Open World

mei-xing: “Wanted to post the next Zelda U painting but Majora’s Mask comes out today/tomorrow and I wanted to paint something for it. So I did this last night in one sitting. Tried going for a more.

Some amazing posters by Marinko Illustration for Zelda games. I want the Link to the Past one so bad.

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evolution of swords in zelda skyward sword this is 4 only zelda fan

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