Nhlanhla Shabalala

Nhlanhla Shabalala

Johannesburg, South Africa / I'm bright colors mixed in a way that one would think they clash, but somehow become something uniquely beautiful. ツ
Nhlanhla Shabalala
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State of Grace - RED Tour

You come around and the armor falls, pierce the room like a cannon ball-State of Grace - RED Tour

says it all

Yes! Adults need to have fun too! Any slide for adults in a house is a great idea, but this one contains a water slide. Excellent choice of transportation and you can even get a shower on the way out of bed going down to get breakfast!

Cool bed with curtains for privacy and a desk space on top with stairs going up. Would be so cool

Totally my kind of place. What a nice dream loft. I definitely have a thing for quirky loft spaces and have always imagined myself in one. It seems this little place has it all – a cute and quaint.

I really ought to make my own individual Taylor Swift board.

taylor swift facts ~ even her heartbeat is musical, why am i not surprised .but tbh this is a bit creepy

Be afraid of me and my fellow Swifties.S love you taylor❤️