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Justin Chapman

Justin Chapman
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...birdie hugs...  : ).

Budgerigars had the title of 'Love Birds' before the Agapornis hit the pet scene . I adore budgies, i'd love to have some again, but they break my heart when they go to budgie heaven.

Blue budgies.

Budgies Budgies are such unappreciated little birds. Go home and love your budgie!

Painted Firetail Finches

Painted Firetail Finch (Emblema picta) One of hardiest grassfinches.

Beautiful pastel parakeet.

Such a pretty color combo! And look at that little face!

Rare Budgie Mutations | Cocorite e Pappagallini Ondulati

Haha look at you little darlings, so specially coloured, ugly and cute

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