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28 Chinese New Year Nail Inspirations and Where to Get Them
Happy New Year!
2022 recap. thank you to those part of this wild wild journey x Work smart, create more. Meet online business optimizer June Aye. I support world-class creatives like Chelsea Kauai, Sorelle Amore, Hey Ciara, with their businesses so they can do what they do best: create. Here you’ll find my favorite tools, resources, and hustle hacks so you can scale your business online remotely, live a life of your own design, and travel the world. June Aye | Online Business Manager
I used to work 14 hours a day. I thought I was super busy, but really that was just me wasting time and filling my days with unimportant things. Tasks that actually didn’t help my business were just reactions while now, I spend about 5 hours a day working, and the rest balancing with fun projects or play. Listen to what feels right. Motivational quotes, girl boss, CEO, creative business, entrepreneur inspiration, work hard play hard, business dreams, girlboss, ladyboss quotes. #juneaye
June Aye | Online Business Optimizer | OBM team
3 stages of the marketing funnel! #marketingfunnel #marketing101
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Follow the 80/20 Content Rule
the cover of 5 cs of copywriters compending clear, conscibeble content
5 C's of Copywriting
a woman is talking on her laptop with the words how to drive traffic to your blog
How to drive traffic to your blog
the 10 content marketing rules you need to follow in this year's social media campaign
10 Content Marketing Rules to optimize your online presence
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Types of Instaram Ads you should know
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a hand holding a smart phone with the text optimize your online presence and be present offline
Presence Optimization: Optimize you online presence and be present offline
#presenceoptimization #onlinepresence #digitalpresence #website #facebook #instagram
a poster with the words you need a strong website here's why
Presence Optimization: You need a strong website. Here's why
#website #websiteoptimization #presenceoptimization #onlinepresence
the words common goals for your instagram presence
Presence Optimization: Common Goals for your Instagram Presence
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the key benefits of using the facebook pixel for web design and social media marketing, presented by prince & minimalism
Presence Optimization: Key benefits of using Facebook Pixel
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