Juliette Rose Jacobs

Juliette Rose Jacobs

Juliette Rose Jacobs
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11 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand – Bored Teachers

Struggling to engage 40 kids on a Monday morning. via Giphy Sitting through mandatory staff meetings at the end of

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love you forever

love you forever: Love the idea of adding a heart somewhere to the infinity tattoo with the kids names.

forever love tattoo.... want

White ink infinity love tattoos with small heart. No black ink. Puentes Puentes Sipe Walters Walters Lasoski Shoda Shoda Berth I think this is the one i want


Summarizing with 5 fingers: Somebody Wanted etc Give each group an explorer to learn about. The group creates a SWBTS chart to present to the class. Also try with bios of scientists, inventors, . teaches students about perseverance.

5 signs that show a man isn’t into you

Couples usually go their separate ways after divorce, but something was pulling me back to my ex-wife.