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the brush holder is made out of black leather
Dolls Kills-Home- Glam To The Grave Brush Holder
two candles are sitting on a table next to an open book and some glass containers
Tomb Display Case
a table lamp decorated with halloween images on it's base and tassels
Spookylvania Halloween Collectible Clocks and Lamps Index
an orange lamp with a witch design on it's base and beaded trim
Spookylvania Halloween Collectible Lamp #6
a lamp that is on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth with a black and orange shade
Halloween Folk Art by Jan Pierce
a lamp with a halloween scene painted on it
OOAK HP VINTAGE LAMP on e-Bay this week!
an orange and black lamp with a woman's face painted on the side, sitting on a wooden table
an image of two ghost figures in front of a window with pumpkins on the windowsill
the house is lit up with green lights and ghost figures in it's windows
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Women's Jeans Plaid Pumpkin Mid Waist Straight Jeans