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a large red strawberry with green leaves on it's tip and water droplets all over the fruit
Strawberry by Sivan Roshianu
three lemons with green leaves and water droplets
Mushrooms releasing spores, credits to Villareal C Jojo
an old tree trunk that has been stripped into wavy lines
Dead Wood 279
an old tree trunk that has been carved into circles with holes in the bark and wood grains
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Unusual perspective of the common oak. Photo courtesy of Malcolm Hunt (
a large green tree sitting in the middle of a lush green park filled with flowers
tree roots growing on the side of a rock wall in black and white, closeup
wood weave
#blackandwhitephoto #woodtexture #woodweave #roughtexture #naturalpatterns #naturalgrowth
the inside of a tree that is very large and has many branches growing out of it
Coolio pic!!
a tree that has been cut down and is in the process of being worked on
a twisted tree in the middle of a forest
close up view of an old tree trunk
Фактуры дерева
an old tree with twisted branches in the park
Delapre Abbey 2 | Weird trees, Unique trees, Nature tree
Delapre Abbey 2 | Weird trees, Nature tree, Unique trees