Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight

Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight

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Dutch Pie

Recipe with video instructions: Dutch Pie recipe Ingredients: 3 ounces corn flour biscuit, ounces of melted butter, 2 packages of Calipso cookies (chocolate covered biscuits), 28 ounces.

Yoghurt tart:  2 packets jelly 125ml boiled water  1 tin condensed milk  500ml yogurt  250ml fresh cream  1 packet tennis biscuits  Butter   How to prepare:   1. Mix jelly + boiled water. Mix the condensed milk and yogurt into the jelly mixture and fold in the whipped fresh cream.  2. Crush the tennis biscuits with butter.  3. In a bowl big enough to fit into your refrigerator, place the tennis biscuits as a crust.  4. Pour the mixture over the tennis biscuit crust and refrigerate until set.

An extremely easy marshmallow and yogurt tart. It is perfect for a tea-time snack or an after-dinner sweet.

I have been looking for this recipe for yearssss.

Recipe: Banoffee "Danger" Pie

Ban for banana + offee for toffee = Banoffe pie. Did you know: that boiling a sealed can of condensed milk will make the most amazing runny toffee!

Belgiese appeltert. Almal sal elke krummel van hierdie maklike tert geniet.

Belgiese appeltert

Lewer 1 groot tert Bereiding: minute Gaarmaaktyd: minute Staantyd: 30 minute KORS 250 g.



Mikrogolfkaaskoek: 1 blik kondens, 500 ml jog, wit sjok, geur en kleur met suurlemoensap of na keuse. Verkil uur in yskas, Gooi uit.

Mev. Sannie Bosman van Pretoria was in Mei, 2005 ons Teetydtreffer-wenner vir haar lekker vinnige Peppermint Crisp-tert. Deur Vickie de Beer

Sannie Bosman was our tea time winner with her quick and tasty Peppermint Crisp-tart.

Sjokolade-Cremoratert.. uit Herman Lensing se kookboek, Nog ‘n VOORSKOOT. 1 x 10 g-sakkie...


Hierdie resep is uit Herman Lensing se kookboek, Nog ‘n VOORSKOOT. 1 x 10 g-sakkie.

Nostalgiese Melktert | Elmarie Berry Good Food

Nostalgiese Melktert | Elmarie Berry Good Food