Julandi Van Rensburg

Julandi Van Rensburg

Julandi Van Rensburg
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God doesn't happen overnight

Becoming a woman of God does not happen overnight. To become the woman that God desires for us to be, He takes is through a lifelong journey that teaches us how to love Him with our heart, body, soul, and spirit.

Lessons Learned in Life | Listen to your heart.

I will no longer tolerate people who put me down.

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Bible Verses for different life events. when you can not sleep, when you are sick, when you are traveling, etc.

10 Back Workouts that Tone and Shed Back Fat

Whether you’re trying to target your upper or lower back, like to workout with weights or prefer using no equipment, like exercises you can do at the gym or feel more comfortable at home, this collection of back workouts for women is for you! The routines

Wave goodbye to arm flab after this awesome workout!

Wave goodbye to arm flab after this awesome workout!you could use "That Crazy Wrap Thing" like I have and lose inches overnight.I have wrapped twice and lost 2 inches on each arm.The workout couldn't hinder your results either.