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Aries eye is the ninth sign of my zodiac eye series, see all of them here: [link] Photo/ makeup/photomanip: =ftourini model: Mariana I drew the horn Thi.

French farmhouse dining room with farm table, ruffled slipcovered benches/Timeless and tranquil interior design decorating ideas on Hello Lovely to inspire your own classic decor/Pamela Pierce/Giannetti Home/Shannon Bowers/Veranda/Milieu


So true! Aries - Most of the time when they're getting upset; it's out of frustration for having to repeat themselves or dealing with ignorant people.

Aries Zodiac Facts

The only way I really learn to do something is by doing it. You can tell me how to do something, but I'm probably not listening, instead I'm already analyzing the best way to do it. And besides, who has time to read shit. -----ME

Yep, I have to keep reminding myself that I wouldn't look good in stripes.

I always say I want to punch people in the face.lol I would never though.not violent :p>>not in the face at least

Montage by www.cewax.fr des bijoux colliers ethniques NAD205

le rose fushia n est pas trop ma couleur mais j'aime le style.