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state of mind.

Sophrosyne - a healthy State of Mind, characterised by Self control, moderation and a deep AWARENESS of One's True SELF resulting in True Happiness tattoo?

Very unusual words and their meaning…

I love words and language. (Wow, not only did my absolute favorite word show up on this list, but it has an equally lovely sounding word meaning the opposite that I was unaware of.

pronunciation | ta-‘chen-da                                     tacenda, english, noun, things better left unsaid, unsaid, silence, just don't talk about it, don't speak of it, speaking, tagging is hard guys, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, weird words, weird word, unusual word, unusual words, definition, T, origin: latin,

words silence definitions definition english t speaking noun otherwordly other-wordly unusual word unusual words origin: latin tagging is hard guys unsaid weird words weird word tacenda things better left unsaid just don't talk about it don't speak of it


Anoesis: a state of mind consisting of pure sensation of emotion without cognitive content.


gezellig (adj) cozy, nice, inviting, pleasant, comftorable; connoting time spent with loved ones or togetherness after a long seperation.


withershins \ WITH-er-shinz \ , adverb; in a direction contrary to the natural one, especially contrary to the apparent course of the sun or counterclockwise: considered as unlucky or causing disaster. Also, widdershins .


pronunciation ‘rant-i-pOl fun fact! this is the only post on Otherwordly so far that can be all three parts of speech, and is the same for each.


nazlanmak : pretending reluctance or indifference when you are actually willing and eager; saying no and meaning yes….


Spanish, (tener duende) loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. Used in talking about ones expression in art or music