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a man driving an old fashioned car down a dirt road in front of a field
Kleinschnittger Prototype F98 1952
Kleinschnittger Prototype F98 1952 | Black&white photo modif… | Flickr
an older man riding on the back of a small blue car in a parking lot
Do it yourself Pedal Car
two seats are attached to the back of a tricycle that is parked in a parking lot
a red and white tricycle parked in the grass
mysterious light and sociable tandem, purchased to dispense iced coffee at BRC
a green bike that is sitting on the ground in front of a van and another vehicle behind it
Human Powered driving machine #BoulderInn
an orange bike with two seats on the front is parked next to a black car
Parbike Deluxe Sport Side By Side Tandem Bike
Parbike Deluxe Sport Side By Side Tandem Bike
an old fashioned car is parked in the grass
an old fashioned red car sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Bicycle tired low slung speedster in original condition.
an old fashioned tricycle with orange rims on it's wheels in the grass
Cuadriciclo de dos plazas, inspirado en una bicicleta cruiser.