Jacques Janse van Rensburg

Jacques Janse van Rensburg

Johannesburg ~ Gauteng / "Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry, stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie."-William Shakespeare
Jacques Janse van Rensburg
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wish i can catch the rainbow

Carry a Rainbow in your hands, this is how the color week felt, i am deeply effected by color and wear colors my body tells me it needs. i feel blessed that my eyes can see. how would you explain colors to a person that has never seen!

Leo emotions always on face

STYLE: Color: Multi Material: Luster print on Crystal Archive stock paper Dimensions: x One size Origin: United States Lion Headdress Poster by Real Men Don't LOL. I would totally get this as a tattoo.

Joy! Its precious when you have it

Even if things seem bleak to start, choosing joy brings things around before the day is done // I love life! Maybe annoyingly so (lol) But It's part of my charm//Today I chose JOY

This explains how I felt these last few weeks!

Those voices that try to tell you that you are not a gift beyond measure? by Brian Andreas