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there are many bikes parked next to each other on the side of the road with words overlaying them
Biking on Sanibel - South to Southwest
Biking on Sanibel
the sign for the ducky duck capital island tavern in front of a white building with green trim
Photos - Mucky Duck Neighborhood Pub | Captiva Island, Florida
Sanibel Island
the path to the beach is surrounded by plants
Beach path, Captiva. /// love this
the words sanibel is my happy are shown in front of a beach and palm tree
Yes, it is!! #sanibelstar #islandgirl #sanibel
a blue sky with clouds and the words sanibel island
people sitting on the beach under an umbrella with peace love sanibel in the background
a heart made out of rocks on the beach
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an image of the beach with sand and rocks on it that says, once you've been to have touched the beach on santa fez
an image of a bridge that says, without question my favorite road'in usa
a sandy beach with palm trees and people walking on the sand near the water in the distance
an ocean view from a balcony with palm trees