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10 things New moms need to know about new dads

Babyproof Your Marriage: 10 Things New Moms Need ro know about new dads— Nashville Marriage Studio. I love this list! And I really love the new moms list too! They really hit the nail on the head! Worth a read for both new mom and new dad!

Coping with Morning Sickness | Feathers in Our Nest #healthy #pregnancy

For me, "morning sickness" was a misnomer. Try "all day sickness"! Here are my best tips for coping with the sickness! (I have had three pregnancies, and each one was different!) Feathers in Our Nest

Top 15 Healthy Recipes For Pregnant Women: we have come up with 15 delicious healthy pregnancy recipes to make a bit more palatable for you.

Do you need some inspiration for yummy & nutritious meals for your pregnancy diet? Then you will love our list of top 15 healthy recipes for pregnant women.