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Shear Bracelet for Hairdressers  See more information:

The real scissor bracelet is the most innovative fashion bracelet to be created in recent time. The Real Scissor Bracelet is a fashionable, adjustable, and new essential to the professional hair stylist.


I think after the whole "dress" fiasco, we now understand that some people just see the world as white and gold, and not for what it really is.

Things may you think but don't say... #hairstylists

If I had a nickel for everyone I heard this. I'd be on the beach with a drink in my hand instead of standing here waiting for you to know what you want.

"Inner beauty is fantastic but a little Balayage doesn't hurt." So true!!

We love to Balayage here at RPS! Perfect technique to brighten up you hair for the warmer months.