Our collection of interactive exhibits housed in the Old Electric Workshop in Newtown Johannesburg provides hours of fun for kids and adults of all ages to discover, explore and play with science and technology. From LEGO pits and mini-construction sites to understanding the principles of electromagnetism, the exhibits cater for curious minds of all ages.

World Class interactive science museum offering science & technology programmes for general public & schools.

Sci-Enza is the oldest interactive Science Centre in South Africa. Visit us to examine, discover, explore, enjoy, determine, learn, question, puzzle, experience, listen, investigate and view Pretoria!

Interactive - Science Centre for kids / Science Parties

Education support is  a family orientated education support organization offering educational courses, outings and other educational services to parents and their children.    Do you find that your kids lack that love of learning or need that extra stimulating practical learning experience? The solution could lie in our series of practically orientated educational courses.

Stimulating the vital links between handwork and mental development of children, exciting day outings, hands-on science/geological discovery