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Knitted Jack Frost Doll

Knitted doll free DIY Jack Frost - Cute little knitted doll. They call the doll Jack Frost and he comes with a pattern for a hot-air balloon. But he looks like a gnome to me. Just change the colors, take away the scarf and add a beard!

Make delicious cinnamon sugar baked donut holes in 10 minutes! #cake #doughnut #recipe

Make delicious cinnamon sugar baked donut holes. tastes just like the ones you get at a concession stand and they only take 10 minutes.----I totally cheated for the polka dot party and bought donut holes. I cannot wait to try this recipe.

English Pancakes !!  1 cup flour,2 eggs,pinch salt,2 1/2 cups milk.Make a well in middle of flour.Break eggs into well Gradually stir in flour adding 1/2 of the milk.Beat for 5 mins then stir in remainder of milk.Let stand.Heat frying pan on burner spray with olive oil thoroughly!.When smokin' hot pour in enough batter to cover pan.Cook over medium flame until golden brown.Flip pancake :). Serve with brown sugar and lemon juice or powder sugar !!  Yummy Yum Yum ....

Pancake Recipe - It's Pancake Day today, so butter up your frying pans and get cooking. Ingredients: all purpose/plain flour - Pinch salt - 2 eggs - milk - 2 tsp melted butter plus melted butter for cooking