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Aloe Propolis Crème.

This week's product tip is from Alexandra Akin-Oteniya: "I was suffering from an itchy scalp and was amazed to find that the itchiness quickly disappeared shortly after I massaged Aloe Propolis Creme into my scalp.

Tip of the week.

Aloe Vera Gelly and Propolis Cream This week's product tip is from Zoe Pope: "Get your feet ready for the summer by using Aloe Vera Gelly on the heels to soothe and Aloe Propolis Creme to leave them smooth and supple.


ALOE GELLY The Aloe Gelly is great for helping the skin recover from burns. This is a must have to pack in your suitcases when you're off on your jollies over the coming months for any sunburn or prickly heat!

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Our aloe vera Gelly can even be used on babies while they are teething to ease the pain.

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Why not try our pure Aloe Vera drinks and nutritional supplements see how they can benefit your health? Cannot be found on the high street.

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You have probably seen a person in the midst of an asthma attack, either in real life or in comedy sitcoms and movies. They have a hard time breathing because

Olive oil, lemon juice, and sugar.

DIY Skin Smoother for Silky Soft Legs 1 cup sugar + cup oil (olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil, etc.) + 3 tablespoons citrus juice (lemon or lime) OR 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil Razor