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Scottie Pet Trim | Groomer to Groomer – Pet Grooming News, Stories, and Videos

Often described as the oldest breed in Scotland, the Scottie has found his way into the hearts of Americans, including two U. presidents, and onto the growing list of our Bread & Butter clien…

Chinchilla does not know what is good or bad for himself and he will consume almost anything you give. URL: http://chinchilla.co/ FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/chinchilla.co

Chinchilla Pellets need to meet as much as possible chinchillas nutritional requirements and should contain fiber as the highest nutritional percentage.

Hairless guinea pig aka skinny pigs

Skinny pigs love to nosh on fruits and veggies, and in fact, it's encouraged to make sure plenty are.

Skinny pigs have hair on the ends of their noses and their feet, but are hairless everywhere else.

Hairless guinea pigs are a new pet craze