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Tel Aviv, Israel | Bauhaus Architecture

Learned about the bauhaus school a lot back in my days as an interior design student.I was recently reacquainted with it and remembered how much I love the design style: in arch, design, type, etc!

Art Deco - Streamline Moderne in Sydney

Wyldefel Gardens was built in 1934 and designed by architect John Brogan. In high Continental Moderne style, it is in the community of 22 identical apartments, with curved bent glass windows and beautifully rendered walls and the most exquisite,

. art deco door knob

Chrome Art Deco door handle - I grew up in Napier Art Deco Capital. To most people this would look like a classical design element. To me it looks like an ordinary door handle.

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Streamline Moderne Architecture & Nautical Moderne in Miami Beach