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Namaqualand wildflowers, Namaqualand, South Africa, one of the world's largest wildflower blooms, Dimropotheca sp. Quiver tree, Aloe dichotoma
Namakwaland, Western Cape, South Africa.
Namaqualand, S. Africa. A long time from now I'll go. A pt told me about this place. She was old but said this was the most amazing place she'd ever been.
Namaqualand wildflowers,  Namaqualand, South Africa  a  One of the world's largest wildflower blooms  Dimropotheca sp.    Quiver tree  Aloe dichotoma
These flowers are in semi-desert. The place looks barren untill the rains. Then you get this...
West Coast National Park, Langebaan, South Africa
Namakwaland - My Maskamberg - hier lê my hart!
The Namakwaland flowers - one of the biggest annual natural flower shows in the world.
Spring Flower Route, Namaqualand, South Africa

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