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Game Fish of the Saltwater Flats and Shallows...let's go fishing babe :-)

"Gamefish of the Saltwater Flats and Shallows" poster: Accurate, colorful identification guide to 29 of the most spectacular shallow water saltwater gamefish.

How i felt for a while because as a man i put everything i had into it so i couldnt wrap my head around how u could just break up so easily. sorry you got annoyed and frustrated. im sorry for everything too. just wish it wasnt so hard. i have to be mean to you because if i talk to you it just breaks me down and i dont need that. thanks but no thanks. hope your doing terrible honestly..

how can i forget you when your always on my mind? how can i not want you when your all i want inside? how can i let you go when i can't see us apart? how can i not love you when you control my heart?

Never underestimate the importance of a good blue suit - A Good Year ... Great movie :)

General rules for every gentleman: Always match your belt with yours shoes. Your tie should reach the belt buckle. Do not have the same print on both your tie and pocket square. Your socks should.