Joshua Paul Knifton

Joshua Paul Knifton

Joshua Paul Knifton
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Bull Moose In Fog Photograph by Tim Grams - Bull Moose In Fog Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

«The moose stands for pride, dignity and confidence in a positive sense. He wears his antlers like a crown and looks forwards undaunted.

Baby Cheetah!

Young cheetah at full speed. The fastest land mammal in the world, cheetahs can reach running speeds of up to 70 mph kph), and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph kph) in three seconds ⍣-⍣ faster than most cars.

Basiliscus (Female) (by avdstelt)

Basiliscus (female) by avdstelt. This genus of lizards, also known as basilisks, are really interesting because their feet are designed to allow them to actually walk on water. This has given them their other name, the Jesus Christ lizard.

Lugia. Beast of the Sea by Tuooneo on deviantART.

Just some fanart of Lugia, after I saw an awesome screenshot, which I used as reference. The water is a fractal I made that worked perfectly as harsh waves! Drawn by (c) ~Tuooneo

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