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Joseph Hlongwane

Joseph Hlongwane
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Check out this massive list of home studio setup ideas. Filter down by room colors, number of monitors, and more to find your perfect studio.

Building a Controllerist Studio part 1: The Desk |

Building a Controllerist Studio part Sam Ives talks about upgrading his home setup from a table with a bunch of controllers on it to a fully fledged controllerist studio desk.

XD Love it too much

This Music Theory Cheat Shirt is a must have for any music nerd, and it is printed upside down! The next time you have a hard music theory test show up wearing

Chord Chart

Basic agreements, to learn the simple major and minor chords. All consist of 3 notes are played together. The notes are listed in theirmost basic form, with the root note…

music key signature chart circle of fifths (circle of fourths)

Circle of fifths chart. My piano teacher in college gave us one just like this. Was totally easy to memorize