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Wren Jäger

ADOPTED Eren is He's very brave, but he has a hard time expressing it. There's a secret side to his life that few have ever seen.

the longer he stares the closer you are to death. yes.

Attack on Titan Part Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hanji : Hanjis experiment

Repin!!!!! U have to repin. Not share. And of course I would keep 'em!! IF U DONT U HAVE NO HEART!! LOOK AT THEM!!

Omg i want you all of you goldie freddy foxy bonnie springtrap Chica.not balloon boy or The puppet there my least favorit Out of all my favorit is bonnie

Love the art but don't ship(I'm not hating)

Read Chapitre 12 : On peut essayer. from the story JE SUIS GAY ! ( ereri ) by with 121 reads. * Levi * Au final on a en.