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jordan lottering
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Is that what im supposed to say? Bc ill never be ok without u honestly. Ill never give up, i cant, were MADE for each other! An deep down u kno it too.

Pain brings strength, but love will always give you more. To do what you have to.


Do you know? When a person laugh too much even on stupid things, that person is sad deep inside. When a person sleeps a lot, that person is lonely.

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No bullying. Bullying NEEDS to stop. Help stop bullying. << Yes, yes it does.<< if you have ever been bullied post this!<<< Even if you haven't been bullied repost. It's a horrible thing and it needs to be stopped.

Please repin to your most  popular board!!

This isn't funny but I believe it's my most popular board. Please rejoin to your most popular board!

Soo much. I get to see my bgf in two days!!❤ His hugs always make me feel better. I still haven't told him what I do tho...

A tight hug can do so much for someone that's hurting. - A tight hug can do so much for someone thats hurting.

I need to remember this. Just because helping in a more proactive way would help ME feel better, I need to do what would make THEM feel better.

My new motto for life...

Understand this. Know when u are the one handing it out and the other person isn't taking it. Don't flip it around. Be aware of your own dishing first. For every action-There will be an equal and opposite reaction.