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a man kissing a woman on the cheek while riding a skateboard
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could use a longboard, high waisted shorts, one of his shirts and long messy hair. uhm yes
two people holding up skateboards in front of their faces with one person covering the other's eyes
Suicide Industry
I want to take a picture like this but with a longboard :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Boys-Club/574340755933728?ref=hl
a skateboard with an eye on it is leaning against a wooden wall and has blue wheels
Sector 9 Longboards | Sector 9 Complete Longboards
Sector 9 35" Sand Blaster Longboard Complete
the skateboard is decorated with flowers and blue wheels
Globe Graphic Bantam Skateboard
This one's cool, but it screams "I bought this at Hawaii when I went 20 years ago and I haven't used it since!" That's definitely something that I would do, because I don't know how to skateboard.
a skateboard is sitting on the floor with wheels and an orange, white, and blue design
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Handcrafted Cherry Longboard 'ALOHA' by PNWmaker on Etsy. Visit my website at http://www.thebestlongboards.net/
an old man riding a skateboard down the street
It's never too late | age is just a number | you can still have fun and do what you wanna do even if you're already old.
an ice cream cone shaped skateboard laying on the ground
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Sooper Scoop Penny Killer Skateboard by Weirdboards on Etsy, $90.00
a skateboard with an image of a woman on it
colorblind deck
colorblind deck by mathiole, via Flickr - I think I might need a custom painted longboard...
a wooden skateboard sitting on top of a table next to a brown and red wall
Longboard Completes | All Original Components
Globe 40" Spearpoint Bamboo Longboard Complete
an orange, black and white skateboard mounted to a wall with wheels on it
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GoldCoast 38" Pressure Longboard Complete http://www.creativeboysclub.com/
a skateboard mounted to the side of a wooden wall with green wheels on it
Longboard Completes | All Original Components
Mich hats gerade aufs Maul gelegt XD jetzt seh ich aus wie ein Zombie XD dicke Lippe und ne Schramme....hoff, das wird kein blaues Auge.... und das Beste... es tut kaum weh O.o
several skateboards are lined up on the ground
I have a feeling this is all in going to be doing this summer...:)
a skateboard with yellow wheels and an image of mountains on the back side, against a white background
Yellow wheels. Longboard