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Yes!! Totally!!!! Please do it! <3<3<3

Mattel should make a Barbie with no hair so that every little girl fighting cancer feels beautiful! Put her in pink, name her HOPE and send the proceeds to St.

Gravity Falls NEEDS to be on Netflix

Dipper: How much do you want Gravity Falls to be on Netflix? Me: More than anything in the world, Dipper!<<<well its on hulu but I guess it being on netflix would be just as good

Hope it works about I get what I want for Christmas and the good news. I already got my bae

Hope it works about I get what I want for Christmas and the good news. I already got my bae!Which is food.(My Lonley life.

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Aww yes! I love Adalia Rose! she's soo sweet! her mum just shaved her head to make Adalia feel better about herself thats soo sweet! ------------ I've never seen her before but she is beautiful !

Lol...this is actually kinda funny

Someone from Denver, Colorado, US posted a whisper, which reads "Right before I die, I am going to swallow a bag of popcorn kernels to make the cremation a bit more interesting.

Well then....

stuff like this is stupid and pointless. even though people should love god, and spread him around, this is not the way to do it. I'm reposting for god, not because of the stupid death message.

Repin please!

2003 Baby yes I'm 12 and just so you know not all 12 year olds are as dumb as people say we are. We may still not be teens but we're not kids people should respect others of all ages.


Ok i had to pin this one bc that cat is sooo adorable and two bc i hate chain posts so go safety kitty!

I always thought that...

Blue is NOT a girl. Why would Steve hang out with a girl dog? They are friends! Blue is not a girl! The people who made this show failed at life if they didn't make it obvious that blue was a girl