Paptert (porridge pie).

Paptert - otherwise known as porridge pie - a South African tart filled with veggies, bacon and cheese - side dish for a braai .

Unbaked milk tart (ongebakte melktert)

Unbaked milk tart (ongebakte melktert) My aunt had an au pair that would make this & now my aunt makes it. She serves it in a graham cracker or oreo pie crust.

2 of the Best Malva Pudding recipes

2 of the Best Malva Puddings

This is my third post about malva pudding in the past 3 years - just shows how much I love this classic South African dessert! I first posted about it in August then again in March 2012 - the second one a malva pudding with a twist.


Well here I am, earlier than expected, but that's only because I made this amazing pie yesterday for brunch and couldn't wait to share it wi.

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