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lamb or venison potjie with baby onions

Lamb or Venison Potjie with Baby Onions

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Amarula Malva pudding. You can make this gorgeous recipe on the braai!

WATCH: How to make baked Amarula pudding

Lap up the praise by making this sweet and boozy dessert for your crew this weekend.

Biltong-en-cheddarkaas-jaffel | Biltong and cheddar jaffel #yum #fun #meal


Hier is ons eie SA vulsel – die maklikste van almal.

Can bread. Perfect for a braai.

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Want to be different with a unique bread recipe? Then try out this can bread. It's perfect for a braai too.

Ultra Liquors – 3 Desserts for the Braai

Ultra Liquors – 3 Desserts for the Braai

Umxhaxha (Squash & Corn dish)  Gem I miss them.

RECIPE: Umxhaxha / Pumpkin And Mealie Dish - Simple Indulgence!

This dish is prepared with mealies, mealie rice or dried samp. The pumpkin used is not limited only to butternut, any form of pumpkin can be used.

Big brown mushrooms with basil pesto. Perfect for the vegetarians who still love to braai.

Big brown mushrooms with basil pesto

Juicy grilled mushrooms with cheese and pesto.

Wrap each mushroom in a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Dip in barbeque sauce and place on braai. Keep turning until bacon is crisp. Serve.

Bacon wrapped mushrooms

Divine bacon wrapped around these juicy mushrooms.

Kwaai Braai Pie - WEG tydskrif

WEG tydskrif 2 rolle skilferdeeg - ontdooi en uitgerol 1 pak spinasie of vars bossie Gaar hoender (geflok of in blokkies) 250gr spek - 1 ui, 1 rooi en 1 geel rissie gekap en gebraai tot gaar 1 pak sampioene in skywe gesny Fetakaas Cheddar kaas Mozzarella kaas Gouda kaas Kies so 2 verskillende…