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This could change nutrition for the better.

Have an allergy to soy? Are you lactose-intolerant? Do you break out in hives after consuming aspartame? Scanning foods with TellSpec will uncover the hidden ingredients and tip you off to any potential health issues it may cause. Do you have a physical r

This Patch Makes You Invisible To Mosquitos! Oh my gosh I want this!

Here's a product that could change your outdoor summer experience completely - a small patch that will make you invisible to mosquitoes. Now if only someone would invent a patch to make me invisible to the government!

Multi Function iPhone Case

If you enjoy using a Swiss army knife but don't carry one with you everyday, you might be interested in this new multi function iPhone case which is

Nota - Ultrafine Tip, just 3.7mm.  Active electronics give a very fine point tip; it even works with gloves on. For iOS or Android. Less than 1/2 the size of most stylus.

Nota - Ultrafine Tip, just The Nota Stylus has active electronics for a very fine tip. Less than half the size of most stylus. Works with all iOS + Android Apps.

be seen while you jog, run or bike ride at night

StrideLite Strobe-Light Jacket: In addition to the reflective bands, this jacket has bright, blinking strobe lights to ensure you will be noticed while biking, running or walking at night.

Bye bye glue gun...hello glue pen! Omg!! i need this yesterday!

Bye bye hot glue gun and hello hot glue pen. Where have you been all my life? And how do I buy you? What about you Macy Hall