the best rugby team in the world, Natal Sharks

The best rugby team in the world - Natal Sharks .

Coke vs Pepsi

The Rock and Roller Cola War occurred in It was when soft drinks Coke and Pepsi each ran a marketing campaign. They used rock & roll and popular music stars to interest the young teenage and adult life.

5c a bottle, wow

Math lesson - percent increases bottle of coke was 5 cents for 70 years An oilcloth sign.

Capital Radio 604, soon to be reborn, yeeha

Capital Radio soon to be reborn, yeeha

Coke and cake, 2 of my favorite things

Funny pictures about The Coke is a Lie. Oh, and cool pics about The Coke is a Lie. Also, The Coke is a Lie photos.

the ultimate

Coca-Cola ads from campaign “Open Happiness”

livescribe echo review

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Review And Giveaway

Here at MakeUseOf, we don’t believe everything we hear, and decided to see for ourselves. That’s why we bought the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, and gave it a serious spin.