Fried rice.Yum.

Better Than Take~Out Fried Rice; was exceptionally easy, but I didn't quite get the flavor I was looking for. Probably the lack of MSG.

Mieliebrood Bestandele 500g Bruismeel 5ml Sout 1 Blik Geroomde Skuikermielies 2 Eiers 60ml Melk 25ml Olie Metode Sif bruismeel en sout saam Klits eiers, melk en olie saam.  Voeg die vloeistof en mi...

Makes 1 loaf 1 can g) cream-style sweetcorn 2 eggs, beaten 5 ml t) salt 60 ml c) warm.

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3 Guys and a Thrifty Girl: Pap & Mince Lasagne

A super cheap end of the month meal that is very very delish and morish. 1 small pot of pap already made 1 tin sweetcorn liter of plai.