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a stuffed animal is laying on top of a bed with its head in the shape of a caterpillar
Dinosaur Costume
So this year I fully intended to make Abe a Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween. If there is anyone who can outshine George in his eyes,...
an image of a bed that is in the process of being made into a chair
baby bed
a baby in a hammock hanging from the ceiling
Leander Cradle, Denmark's Most Popular Hanging Cradle, Now Rocking On US eBay
Baby bed
some pink and white triangulars are tied together with a wooden skewer next to them
How To Tuesday: Break Out The Bunting.
Bunting banners for a cakes, but what else would it be good for? By Hot Polka Dot.
a stack of towels sitting on top of a carpet
THE BEST Burp Rags and Bibs
Sewin Sanity: THE BEST Burp Rags and Bibs -- this mom has decided not to use cloth diapers. Says ones you can buy at Wal-Mart are from China ... buy the chenille fabric and cute cotton prints. I think these would be good overall cleaning rags.
a pink bib hanging from a wooden rack
My Pretties
Personalize bibs by using the cricut to cut fabric! I really need to break out my cricut!
a baby's hand and foot prints in a frame
My own keepsake creation and one of my very favorites. Newborn handprint, footprint, & picture.
a baby's hand and foot print with the words first mothers day printed on it
This item is unavailable
First Birthday Art Print - Personalized Hand and Foot Prints - 8x10 - Personalized Decor, Children Decor, Keepsake, Footprint, Handprint. $39.95, via Etsy.
a baby wearing a mask sitting on the floor
DIY Super Hero Capes
See the Good in Life: DIY Super Hero Capes
a wooden chair with a green and white polka dot seat cover on it's back
Fabric High Chair
fabric highchair tutorial- neat! AWESOME never have to worry about having a booster available